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Tax Appeal

Due to the decline in property values in recent years, now is the opportune time for homeowners to appeal their property tax assessment. First Source Appraisal has the necessary experience and relationships to make this process simple and easy. Covering each county in New Jersey, First Source Appraisal is able to perform these services for any residence in the state. When filing an appeal on one’s property tax assessment, an appraisal of the property is always necessary. Using the services of an appraisal company to petition your assessment avoids the inflated costs of using a lawyer. Below are the seven easy steps to the entire appeal process. Only you can take the first one; leave the rest to us. Contact First Source Appraisal today and receive your free evaluation.

  1. Contact First Source Appraisal for your free evaluation to see if you qualify for a tax assessment reduction.
  2. Get an appraisal performed on your home.
  3. Have First Source Appraisal file the necessary paperwork for you with three local city and county departments.
  4. Wait for notice of when the appeal will be heard by the local county board of taxation.
  5. Have First Source Appraisal attempt to settle on a reduced property assessment prior to the hearing.   First Source Appraisal has settled on over 95% of tax appeal cases.
  6. If necessary, have the case of appeal heard by the local county board of taxation.
  7. Finally, have your property taxes reduced, and put more cash in your pocket!
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